Sunday, January 9, 2011

boo bookmark

In february last year spritestitch held one of their regular monthly challanges- this month was to create a bookmark. As it was quite a small challange I decided to have a go at designing my very first cross stitch pattern, and was very pleased with how it came out:

Already pretty pleased with how it turned out, I was pretty stunned when it won the challange! Seeing as though many people have asked me for the pattern i thought i'd post it up here so anyone can give it a go, and seeing as though the colours are quite simple it should be easy enough for anybody just starting out (as i was when i made it!).

boo bookmark side 1
boo bookmark side 2

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  1. This is great! thank you very much!!!

  2. I really love this, but side 2 wont load :( is this still up?

  3. Would love to get the pattern for side 2, but its asking to request access to the drive. Can you fix it please?