Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gaara WIP

I don't really have any massive projects on the go at the moment but i am trying to do a few small things, with gaara being one of them :) I got the sprite from deviant art (i will credit the creator of the sprite.....when i find his profile again!). This is the first pattern that i kept all of the colours that KG chart suggested, mainly just to see how far off they will be! I couldn't really see any massive issues when i started but as i stitch more and more the colours are looking less like they will match; all in a day's experimentation though.  This is what i have so far, been working on this for three evenings so far, i only get about 1 hour an evening so it's a very slow moving process:
Sorry about the poor image quality, i took the photo at about 10pm and the lighting is pretty awful.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I can't believe i completely forgot to update this! It's been a bit crazy here recently- got a new job, new dog:
He may look innocent- don't believe it for a second!

and a new headache to go with it :p I haven't had much chance to get any crafting done, but I did manage a quick phone charm for my boyfriend's phone:

Amazing modelling on his part I think!

This really simple to make. I stitched the pattern twice onto plastic canvas and then attached them using a whipstitch. I then threaded a standard jump ring through one of the holes in the canvas and then closed it around a mobile phone pendant, simples! I've posted the pattern for the simple pokeball above.