Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gaara WIP

I don't really have any massive projects on the go at the moment but i am trying to do a few small things, with gaara being one of them :) I got the sprite from deviant art (i will credit the creator of the sprite.....when i find his profile again!). This is the first pattern that i kept all of the colours that KG chart suggested, mainly just to see how far off they will be! I couldn't really see any massive issues when i started but as i stitch more and more the colours are looking less like they will match; all in a day's experimentation though.  This is what i have so far, been working on this for three evenings so far, i only get about 1 hour an evening so it's a very slow moving process:
Sorry about the poor image quality, i took the photo at about 10pm and the lighting is pretty awful.


  1. Yeah, I'm doing some patches for the Pokemon charity blanket over at Sprite Stitch, and I'm using all the recommended colors that KG gave me. At first I was pretty skeptical about some of them, but in pictures they don't look too bad and when I pull it away from my face it looks better. *shrugs* KG can be pretty crazy, I guess.

  2. It doesn't seem to be too far off so far, it's just the skin tones that i'm a little worried about, i'm leaving them till last because i'm not quite brave enough to deal with them yet!

  3. it is wonderful !!! do you have a picture of the final? beautiful