Monday, January 24, 2011

relocation, and a new stitch!

Wow, it's been a crazy few weeks- my boyfriend and I have moved back to my hometown so we've packed up and shipped our entire lives.  I'm just working my way through the piles of stuff now! So with my time taken up with packing, unpacking and panicking I haven't really had much free time, but i have still managed to find some time for a quick stitch:

It's from the front cover of the newest cyanide and happiness book, it made me giggle so i thought i'd better stitch it! When i get a chance I'll post up the pattern, but for now i'm back to unpacking :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

boo bookmark

In february last year spritestitch held one of their regular monthly challanges- this month was to create a bookmark. As it was quite a small challange I decided to have a go at designing my very first cross stitch pattern, and was very pleased with how it came out:

Already pretty pleased with how it turned out, I was pretty stunned when it won the challange! Seeing as though many people have asked me for the pattern i thought i'd post it up here so anyone can give it a go, and seeing as though the colours are quite simple it should be easy enough for anybody just starting out (as i was when i made it!).

boo bookmark side 1
boo bookmark side 2

Check out spritestitch

Friday, January 7, 2011

well this is new

This is my first real blog, and at the age of 25 i'm positively lagging behind! This will mainly be a place to share what i do- whether it be crafting, painting, whining about how life is so unfair ( :p ) and then just see where it goes from there.  I'm not the most eloquent of people but i'll try my best not to blather too much! Occasionally i'll post up some of the things i have been working on, and if it is an original design, i'll share the pattern too! For the pices that i have already completed, i'll post them seperately, will give the blog a bit of oomph anyway. SO welcome to my world, it's not perfect, but i'm comfy :)